Features And Advantages Of Welding Machine

Features And Advantages Of Welding Machine

Date:Aug 17, 2018

Features and advantages of welding machine

    Ultrasonic welding machine transfers ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper welding piece. As the welding area is where the acoustic resistance at the interface between two welding surfaces is large, local high temperature will be generated. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, they can not be distributed in time and gathered in the welding zone. As a result, the contact surface of two plastics will melt rapidly. When the ultrasonic wave stops acting, the pressure is allowed to persist for a few seconds, allowing it to solidify into a solid chain of molecules that can be welded to a strength close to that of the raw material.


1. Ultrasonic welding machine gravity steel casting, large base structure, calm and precise, beautiful appearance.

2.   First computer LCD touch control, electric motor lifting system, more convenient debugging.

3.   Well-designed vibration system, fine tuning, cylinder, vibrator, the trinity direct drive, so that fusion play a better performance. Applicable industries of ultrasonic welding machine: plastics, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, packaging, environmental protection, medical equipment, non-woven cloth, toys, communications equipment and other industries.


1.  Fast welding speed, high welding strength and good sealing

2.       Replace traditional welding/bonding process, low cost, clean and free from pollution and damage to work piece; The welding process is stable. All welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system. Once the fault is found, it is easy to troubleshoot and maintain.

The advantage of ultrasonic metal welding:

1.       Welding materials do not melt, do not fragile metal properties

2.       Good electrical conductivity after welding, low or near zero resistance coefficient

3.       Low requirement for welding metal surface, both oxidization and electroplating can be welded

4.       Short welding time, no flux, gas, solder required

5.       No spark, environmental protection and safety

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