​The Application Of Ultrasound In Various Industries

​The Application Of Ultrasound In Various Industries

Date:Feb 27, 2021

The application of ultrasound in various industries

Packaging processing industry:

Ultrasonic welding technology is used in many packaging processing industries. For example, it is mainly embodied in the sealing process of plastic hoses in packaging. The use of ultrasonic principles to seal the tails of hoses and composite pipes has good working stability and high efficiency. Ultrasonic hose sealing is suitable for sealing the ends of various types of hoses such as toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, food, and industrial supplies. There are also ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding machines used in packaging, such as: non-woven handbags, non-woven packaging bags, non-woven shopping bags and non-woven filter bags. In addition, we can also use high-frequency welding technology to seal and trim the blister packaging, and the sealing effect is beautiful and firm. Other products that can be used for ultrasonic and high-frequency welding include air filter bags, water treatment polypropylene filter bags, frozen hose packaging, ziplock bags, and sealing welding of corrugated containers. Ultrasonic welding is an out-and-out good helper in the packaging industry: anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps, shopping tote bags, toothpick boxes, paper cups, instant noodle paper bowls, dairy packaging boxes, etc.

Food processing industry:

Ultrasonic welding: It has a good effect on many food packaging, such as chocolate sauce biscuit cups in snacks, plastic containers, plastic bottle caps, etc.

Ultrasonic cutting: The application of ultrasonic can cut cakes, pies, cheese, pizza, bread, candy, meat and other foods, and the cutting surface is clean and flat. When using ultrasonic equipment to cut foods like nuts or raisins, it can produce finer fragments than traditional cutting processes. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting of food has more advantages than traditional methods: the cutting surface is clean and flat, the cutting knife has a longer service life, and more importantly, it can reduce the time of production shutdown due to cleaning and maintenance.

When cutting food, the ultrasonic cutting knife vibrates at a frequency of 20 kHz (or 30/40 kHz) so that food residues will not remain on the knife surface. The surface of the food after cutting is very clean, and the separation between layers is kept very clear. The latest research shows that higher frequency (30 and 40 kHz) ultrasonic cutting knives have the best cutting effect on hot and viscous food, and there is no noise during the whole process.

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