Lithium Battery Aluminum Foil And Pure Aluminum Tab Welding

Lithium Battery Aluminum Foil And Pure Aluminum Tab Welding

Date:Jul 24, 2019

Lithium Battery Aluminum Foil and Pure Aluminum Tab Welding

Lithium batteries have been widely used in various electronic devices, but a major technical problem that hinders the development of lithium batteries is the problem of single-layer aluminum foil and pure aluminum tab welding of lithium batteries. A major part of the lithium battery production process is the use of an ultrasonic metal welding machine to weld a single layer of aluminum foil and pure aluminum tabs together.


Ultrasonic welding lithium battery aluminum sheet welding

At present, lithium-ion single-layer aluminum foil + pure aluminum tabs are completely positioned by hand during welding. When welding, single-layer aluminum foil and pure aluminum tabs are prone to misalignment, resulting in solder joints, insufficient solder joints, and solder misalignment. This causes the internal resistance of the battery to increase.

There are already manufacturers of ultrasonic metal welding machines on the market, and these problems are solved by technological innovation. They provide a method for reducing the negative welding rate of lithium-ion battery anodes, and developed a negative-wound lithium-ion battery ultrasonic spot welding machine, which can be applied to a single layer. Aluminum foil + pure aluminum tab welding, effectively overcome the problem of solder joints, insufficient solder joints and solder bias when misalignment occurs during soldering.

This ultrasonic metal welding machine has the following features:

1. Digital operation interface, easy to understand, with frequency chasing, high frequency accuracy, stable, no need for human adjustment

2. The use of high-quality X-guide mechanical structure ensures fast movement stability, easy disassembly and assembly, and mechanical rigidity is superior to ordinary double fulcrum

3. The welding head is made of imported special mold steel, imported hardness heat treatment technology, the pattern is selected by high-precision research and hemp cold processing, and the service life is long

4. Welding effect: strong welding, low internal resistance, no soldering, no vibration, no burning diaphragm, no ironing adhesive, no cracking pole piece

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