Application Of Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment In Flavonoids

Application Of Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment In Flavonoids

Date:Feb 24, 2021

Application of ultrasonic extraction equipment in flavonoids

Ultrasonic extraction equipment is a kind of equipment that applies ultrasonic extraction technology to the actual production process. Four ultrasonic vibration plate boxes are pasted around the tank body. The ultrasonic mechanical waves emitted by the ultrasonic transducer evenly act on the plant cells to make it The cell wall molecules are rearranged, the cell wall is broken, the content is dissolved, and dissolved in an organic solvent. The equipment has low operating cost, short time, simple and easy to maintain, less impurities, easy to separate and purify, high efficiency, low temperature, and adaptability Ultrasonic extraction equipment with wide characteristics.

The application of ultrasonic technology to the extraction of Chinese medicinal materials has a history of several years, but the ultrasonic extraction process of various Chinese medicinal materials is not particularly clear to everyone. Today, Shuanghe Xiaobian will talk to you about the application of ultrasonic extraction equipment in flavonoids:

(1) In the extraction of ginkgo flavonoids, the extraction rate is 56.5% by conventional boiling for 4 hours; the extraction rate is 82.6% for 10 minutes at room temperature, and the extraction rate is 88.3% for 30 minutes; at 40°C, the extraction rate is 88.3% with a circulating ultrasonic extraction machine. 30min, the extraction rate is 91.6%, which is higher than the extraction rate of Ginkgo biloba flavonoids by boiling for 6 hours at 100℃.

(2) When extracting propolis flavonoids, conventional extraction for 48 hours, the extraction rate is 36%; for 30 minutes at room temperature, the extraction rate is 41.8%.

(3) The flavonoid extraction rate was 87% by ultrasonically extracting Yin Yang Huo with 50% ethanol for 30 minutes at 30°C.

(4) When extracting licorice flavonoids, ultrasonic extraction is used for 60 minutes, and the total flavonoid yield is 11.5% when 80% ethanol is used.

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