Wide application of ultrasonic transducers

Date:Jan 19, 2020

Ultrasonic transducers are widely used. They are divided into industries, agriculture, transportation, living, medical and military according to the industries they are applied to. According to the functions realized, it is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, detection, monitoring, telemetry, remote control, etc .; according to the working environment, it is divided into liquids, gases, living organisms, etc .; by nature, it is divided into power ultrasound, detection ultrasound, ultrasound imaging, etc .


Traffic detection-bringing safety

In modern traffic, it is necessary to automatically monitor the traffic and counting of vehicles in order to grasp the operation of the vehicles. For example, the traffic supervision station is equipped with an ultrasonic transducer and its auxiliary equipment for both transmission and reception. When the vehicle passes by, an acoustic pulse is returned. The number of daily vehicles can be obtained by counting and accumulating. Install a dual-use transducer at the rear of the car to prevent a rear-end collision. Receiving piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers on highways can also monitor noise figures.


Information collection-entering the intelligent age

Intelligent robots must realize the functions of freely walking in space and recognizing objects, not only using ultrasonic transducers to measure blindness, but also to identify images. Therefore, a small ultrasonic transducer array is needed to achieve multiple functions.


Medical Cosmetology——Ultrasonic Weight Loss

Utilizing the ultrasonic transducer in the cavitation effect and micro-mechanical vibration, the excess fat cells under the human epidermis are broken up and emulsified and discharged out of the body to achieve the purpose of weight loss and shaping. This is a new technology developed internationally in the 1990s.

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