Auto Ultrasonic Spot Welder With Multiple Horn

Auto Ultrasonic Spot Welder With Multiple Horn

Small area heating and small work table design, airframe lightweight, extended linear bearing to make the machine table action stability high, suitable for welding precision workpieces.

Auto Ultrasonic Spot Welder with Multiple Horn


This ultrasonic spot welder adopts small area heating and small work surface design. The body is light and flexible, and the linear bearing is extended, which makes the machine stable in motion and long in life, and is suitable for precise welding work.


Welding headless than 10mm
Weight of welder0.5KG


High production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving.

1.Fast - each welding time is 0.01-9.99 seconds.

2.Strength - can withstand enough tension.

3.Quality - exquisite welding effect.

4.Economy - no glue, save on materials, reduce costs.


Electronic upgrading of products, welding requirements for plastic parts is higher and higher.And ultrasonic welding technology with environmental protection, energy saving, security, and the advantages of without adjuvant, adapt to the high demand of electrical and electronic industry.


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