The Competitive Advantage of Ultrasonic Food Blade

Date:Aug 09, 2018

Ultrasonic cutting machine uses advanced ultrasonic cutting technology to make the blade body produce ultrasonic vibration when cutting food. There is no food residue on the blade when the food have been cut off, also the cutting edge is neat.Thus it is suitable for kinds of food cutting, especially the stick food, such as chocolate, marshmallow, toffee, jujube cake and so on.

Features of ultrasonic food cutter:

1. No food residue adhere to the blade, smooth and neat cutting edge, no deformation and scorch.

2. Use ultrasonic technology to reduce the fragmentation of food during cutting, so as to reduce downtime and improve the production efficiency.

3. Cutting process is continuous, food does not need to stop.

4. Imported food grade military titanium alloy blade for sanitary and durable use.

5. Ideal for cutting fragile,sticky and layered foods.

6. Compatible with existing processing and packaging equipment.

The most competitive advantage of ultrasonic food cutting machine: High -tech product, reasonable prices, small MOQ, lot quantity buying will be much cheaper. 

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