20khz 1000W Ultrasonic Milling Machine

Specification: Ultrasonic milling With the development of high speed spindle technology and ultrasonic power supply technology, the ultrasonic milling process gathering ultrasonic high frequency vibration and spindle rotating in high speed is regarded as the pioneer of high precision and high...

20khz 1000W Ultrasonic Milling Machine

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Product shape: customized milling machine handle
Working frequency: 15-21KHz;
Resonance point amplitude: 10um or more;
Speed: 3000 r / min or less
Matching tool: carbide end mill head Φ2-Φ13; disk cutter Φ50;
Power: 1000W


Ultrasonic machining is an easy-to-use technology that allows a mold manufacturer to machine very hard or brittle materials with flexibility and accuracy. Ultrasonic machining centers can perform both conventional and ultrasonic machining operations. By combining these technologies in one machine, the user has the capability to machine across the entire material spectrum. 




Q:Can i adjust the frequency on the your equipment?

A:You do not need to adjust the frequency, our digital generator will automatically tracking the frequency.

Q:Can i have more details or specification about your equipment?we are new on this application.

A:Yes, just sen inquiry to us, we will provide more detailed information and solutions according to your application.

Q:What is the main application of ultrasonic machining?

A:1. Forming and cutting: The use of forming cutting tools to process various types of contour surfaces and inner and outer spherical surfaces, excessive arcs, cones, etc.

2. Slender rods and thin-walled parts are machined.

3. Ultra-fine diameter parts turning.

4. Ultra-precision machining.

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