Ultrasonic Semi-automatic Nonwoven Making Machine

ALTRASONIC offers a new, trendsetting-welding technology that fulfils high quality requirements through its reliability and precision. Versatile application such as for clothing, active wear or underwear etc. makes our machines a good supplement to conventional production.

Ultrasonic Semi-automatic Nonwoven Making Machine


Ultrasonic Sewing Machine, also could be called ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, is efficient sewing embossing device, use to sewing, welding, cutting and embossing synthetic fiber material. Processing without needle and thread, final products can be water tightness section without rough selvedge and smooth. Widely use to process clothing, toys, food and non-woven materials.





1.Stand-alone system enables flexibility and tight turns in sealing and/or cutting, and provides unobstructed view of fabric in the processing area

2.Two-position foot switch facilitates operation – first position raises and engages the rotary wheel, applying force to the material being processed; second position activates ultrasonic and wheel rotation

3.Operator-selectable maximum operator speed enables operator to set maximum feed speed at the fully depressed foot switch position setting

4.Designed for operator safety – no needles or other moving parts above the work surface

5.Operator controls conveniently located on control panel, including pneumatic pressure regulator; on/off switch; power on indicator; and nip control

6.Various sealing patterns available, including standard single stitch, right or left slant, and zigzag; custom-designed patterns also available at additional fee


Non-woven bags, gift bags, cosmetic bags, net bundles, non-woven computer sets, TV sets, air-conditioning sets, washing machine sets, dust cover sets, pillowcases, shoe covers, high-grade non-woven mattresses, hotels Textile disposables. Non-woven saunas include: sauna suits, bathrobes, bath pants, paper underwear - and other environmentally friendly non-woven products.


1. Q: When the aircut is found, the current is large, the amplitude is large, and there is a screaming phenomenon.

A: Adjust the frequency modulation coil until the current and amplitude are simultaneously adjusted to the lowest point, and then adjust the amplitude to 1% higher than the original amplitude;

When the adjustment does not solve the problem, judge that the vibrating section and the HORN are damaged.

2. Q: The current of the vibration box exceeds the above table.

A: Check the HORN, horn and transducer for cracks. If there is crack, it means the vibrator is broken. If no crack is found, remove the HORN and adjust to resonance. This is normal. At the time, it indicates that HORN is bad.



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