Rolling Ultrasonic Sewing Machine For TPU Waterproof Material

ALTRASONIC offers a new, trendsetting-welding technology that fulfils high quality requirements through its reliability and precision. Versatile application such as for clothing, active wear or underwear etc. makes our machines a good supplement to conventional production.

Rolling Ultrasonic Sewing Machine for TPU Waterproof Material


Ultrasonic sewing machines use ultrasonic vibration to generate energy, folding fabric cloth cutting edges and edges for automatic mixing and tape bonding to seamlessly complete the butterfly. Ultrasonic sewing machines can do all the news in blends, such as sleeves, princess lines, quilting, and are an integral part of seamless garment production equipment. The high-frequency ultrasonic machine of the ultrasonic sewing machine works in the same way, except that the sound waves are at different frequencies. Acoustic waves exceeding 35 kHz are called ultrasonic.





1. The ultrasonic molds (ultrasonic die) of ultrasonic lace sewing machine made of special alloy steel is pretty durable by special heat treatment and long using life 

2. This lace sewing machine could be operated without pre-heating and has the advantage of continuous production, fast speed; high productivity and can do corner sewing. No smog and spark while processing, no damage to cloth edge. 

3. A general worker could operate the machine owes to the convenient and easy understanding operation of this machine.

4. Use 35kHz low noise ultrasonic system, prevent noise interference. 

5. The ultrasonic lace sewing machine could sew up various kinds of materials directly, meanwhile, can do trimming, punching, impressing, then finish the products producing one time directly, without loose edge and hole. 

6. This machine uses ultrasonic for cover sewing, pressing and embossing, the design can be changed according to customers'' requirement; the output power can be adjusted according to different thickness material.


1. Q: When cutting cloth, the current is normal, but there is abnormal sound.

A: Check if the vibrator (especially HORN) is in contact with other objects;

Level the screw through the flower wheel to level the flower wheel;

Whether the connecting wire has been loosened or the wire is broken;

Whether the surface has spots;

2. Q: The current switch of the vibration box does not light up.

A: Check the vibration box for power supply with a multimeter.

Check if the silk has been blown. If it is broken, there are two problems:

A. If the vibrator is broken, take the vibrator to the normal vibration box for testing (the specific detection method uses the second solution to detect);

B. First open the vibration box, check whether the power amplifier board is burnt out, and then check whether the vibration board is burnt out (the method is: take the power amplifier board of the normal vibration box, the vibration board, and the amplifier of the problem vibration box) Replace the board and the vibration board with a new one (5A).



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