High StabliltyUltrasonic Welding Machine For Hygiene Products

High StabliltyUltrasonic Welding Machine For Hygiene Products

Ultrasonic non-woven bag welding machine is suitable for all kinds of non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber, plastic and composite materials. It is widely used in advertising bags, handbags, gift bags, shopping bags, high-quality non-woven bags, laminated non-woven bags. Processing of inner and outer packaging bodies of various products such as color printing woven bags, red wine bags and beach seats. Non-woven green shopping bags (widely suitable for shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, green shopping bags).

High StabliltyUltrasonic Welding Machine for Hygiene Products 



We can accommodate your specific needs to design and build the optimal solution for your material thicknesses and widths, feed rates and material handling requirements. Our technical experts are just a phone call away to answer questions on issues such as: continuous operation and importance of proper cooling; premature tool wear and the benefits of carbide and titanium; material handling logistics, coordination and flow; automation, control and monitoring requirements; required throughput and maximum quality feed rates.




1. Ultrasonic welding eliminates the need for needle threading, eliminating the need for frequent needle changing. Without the traditional broken wire joints, it can also clean and partially cut and seal textiles.

2, the stitching also plays the role of decoration, strong adhesion, can achieve waterproof effect, clear embossing, the surface has a three-dimensional relief effect, work speed, product effect is more high-end aesthetic, quality is guaranteed.

3, using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, the edge of the seal does not crack, does not hurt the edge of the cloth, and there is no flashing, curling phenomenon.

4. It does not need to be preheated during manufacturing and can be operated continuously.


Non-woven welding machine is applied to: bed cover, gloves, quilt cover, pillowcase, bed cover, account, raincoat, umbrella, tablecloth, mouth cloth, chopsticks cover, Car covers, duvet covers, coasters, curtains, handkerchiefs, bags, non-woven bags, non-woven products, disposable surgical caps, masks, surgical bags, bags, shopping bags, garment lining, carpet, cushion lining, curtains, crafts, etc.

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