Ultrasonic Welding In Production Line For Nonwoven Materials

Ultrasonic Welding In Production Line For Nonwoven Materials

Ultrasonic non-woven bag welding machine is suitable for all kinds of non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber, plastic and composite materials. It is widely used in advertising bags, handbags, gift bags, shopping bags, high-quality non-woven bags, laminated non-woven bags. Processing of inner and outer packaging bodies of various products such as color printing woven bags, red wine bags and beach seats. Non-woven green shopping bags (widely suitable for shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, green shopping bags).

Ultrasonic Welding In Production Line For Nonwoven Materials



Altrasonic’s line of ultrasonic products offer clean, consistent and fast processing for joining and cutting nonwoven materials. From quilting mattress pads and sewing disposable health care apparels to slitting and bonding hygiene products we have designed and delivered a solution for all major film and fabric applications. 




Our Fabric & Film Technical Center offers a complete range of services: applications engineering, tooling design, systems integration, service and support, and training. Most important, the Tech Center is your resource for information gathering and experimentation on any of our fully operational ultrasonic machines.

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Reliable and High Speed Ultrasonic Packaging With Patented Technology


Applicable materials: chemical synthetic fiber fabric, or chemical fiber blended fabric, chemical film is also containing more than 30% of the weaving, can be processed into the required products, such as Nylon cloth, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, T / R cloth , Polyester cloth (Polyester cloth), glitter cloth, multi-layer cloth, and a variety of laminated film coated cloth film paper can be applied.

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