35khz 800watt Ultrasonic Cutting And Sewing Machine Used For Non-woven Bags

Ultrasonic sealing machine is widely used for the seamless sealing such as non-woven bags and garment industry.

35khz 800watt Ultrasonic Cutting And Sewing Machine Used For Non-woven Bags

Description :

Ultrasonic welding is the transmission of high-frequency vibration to the fabric. When a synthetic or non-woven material passes through an ultrasonic welding head, vibration will be generated on the fiber and heat will be quickly generated. This heat will cause the synthetic fibers of the material to melt and solidify, resulting in seams that will not wear or tear.

Specification : 

Frequency : 35kHz

Power : 800watt

Welding Speed : 10meter/min at least

Application : non-wovens , sports apparel ...


Advantages :

1. No lines, glue and other consumables can quickly stitch, stitch and cut synthetic fibers.

2. Fast and effective, 4 times faster than the traditional sewing machine, 10 times the bonding method.

3. Fundamentally reduce the wear of seams and stitches.

4. More effective than the sewing machine, hot melt and bonding equipment.

Principles :

The working principle is the use of high-frequency oscillation of the welding head, so that the working material molecules generate frictional moments to reach the plastic melting point, thereby completing the rapid dissolution of solid materials and completing welding. The joint strength is close to one piece of material, so as long as the mating surface of the product is designed to match, there is no problem with complete sealing.



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