Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine 20K

When the ultrasonic wave acts on the contact surface of thermoplastics, high-frequency vibration will be generated, resulting in local high temperature.

20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine



Ultrasonic welding is an especially gentle joining technology for thermoplastic materials and nonferrous metals. Manual work stations are used in many ways in the plastics processing industry. The user manually loads the plastic components to be joined and removes them again from the ultrasonic welding machine after the weld process. The components can be welded with one or more ultrasonic sonotrodes depending on their size and geometry. Partially automated solutions support the work process for the production of high-quality thermoplastic products, but we also offer suitable platforms for copper and aluminum, i.e. for LI battery and cable harness applications. The development and production of all Herrmann ultrasonic welding machines, whether they are series or customized machines, takes place at the parent plant in Karlsbad, Germany.

Parameter :

Output power2000W
Air press4-6KG/cm2

1. This machine uses NTK transducer, FESTO cylinder, SMC pressure regulating valve;
2. Automatic frequency display during operation
3. Dial indicator scale display
4. Digital control with high precision
5. The base is horizontally adjusted, and the frame mode is convenient to adjust.
6. Square column design to avoid back-up of the fuselage during welding

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