20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

When the ultrasonic wave acts on the contact surface of thermoplastics, high-frequency vibration will be generated, resulting in local high temperature.

20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine



Ultrasonic welding machines are mostly used in the industries AUTOMOTIVECONSUMERELECTRONICS or MEDICAL. Particularly where permanently strong, tight and visually impeccable connections are required. With all ultrasonic welding machines, the ultrasonic generators guarantee reproducible results. The weld process is easy to optimize with specially developed controllers and suitable software.

Parameter :

Output power2000W
Air press4-6KG/cm2

1. This machine uses NTK transducer, FESTO cylinder, SMC pressure regulating valve;
2. Automatic frequency display during operation
3. Dial indicator scale display
4. Digital control with high precision
5. The base is horizontally adjusted, and the frame mode is convenient to adjust.
6. Square column design to avoid back-up of the fuselage during welding


  • Horn frequency checking Check the normal horn frequency

  • Auto trouble checking Trouble display and alarm system

  • Moveable electric control box

  • Micro computer control system

  • Four different nests memory Efficient function

  • Electronically amplitude adjustment

  • Steel alloy booster

  • Horn & Nest with product leveler

  • Double acting Cylinder

  • Hands free port

  • Auto run port

  • Production counter

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