Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

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Ultrasonic Wire Splicer



Ultrasonic energy has been used to join metal materials for decades. In ultrasonic metal welding, dissimilar materials are joined together without the use of applied heat or electric current passing through components. 

Ultrasonic energy can weld through contaminates to create a clean seal while providing increased quality and control. To achieve a high-quality seal, one part is held stationary while the second part is compressed beneath a vibrating horn. The material reaches a plastic state where molecules mix between the two parts, bonding the materials.  

The ultrasonic welding process converts electrical energy into mechanical vibrations causing the metals to join. In the ultrasonic stack, the converter transmits the energy through the booster causing the horn to vibrate. The converter is made up of piezoelectric ceramic disks that expand and contract at the same frequency of applied electrical energy. The booster increases or decreases the amplitude of the vibrations to provide the optimum amplitude for the material, size and type of assembly.



1. Simple operation, easy maintenance;

2. High welding efficiency, fast speed;

3. Working frequency detection;

4. Long tool life, replace convenient and quick ;

5. Cost reduction, good electrical conductivity after welding, low or almost zero resistance coefficient.

6. Short welding time without any flux, gas and solder, which is green for environment.


Our Services:

1. Help customer analyze product project and provide welding solution.

2. Freely sample welding test.

3. Provide professional welding solution.

4. Skilled design services.

5. Provide shipping/delivery information checking service.

6. One year guarantee.

7. 24 hours feedback speed by email of others.






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