Ultrasonic Mold Made of Aluminum and Surface Treated with Hard Oxidation

Ultrasonic Mold Made of Aluminum and Surface Treated with Hard Oxidation

Description: The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer. High-power...

Ultrasonic Mold  Made of Aluminum and Surface Treated With Hard Oxidation


Ultrasonic punching, the mold is also a technical difficulty, which will directly affect the punching effect. There is more than one shape of the ultrasonic mold of the car soundproof cotton. These ultrasonic welding heads are hard oxidized. 

Ultrasonic mold vibration node:

The ultrasonic die horn and the ultrasonic horn are all designed as a half-wavelength resonant frequency of working frequency. In the working state, the amplitude of the two end faces is the largest and the stress is the minimum, and the amplitude of the nodes corresponding to the middle position is zero, and the stress is maximum. . Node position is generally designed as a fixed position, but the usual fixed position design thickness is greater than 3mm, or the groove is fixed, so the fixed position is not necessarily zero amplitude, this will cause some calls and a part of the energy loss, for The sound of sound is usually isolated from other parts by rubber rings, or shielded with sound insulating material. Energy loss is taken into account when designing amplitude parameters.




What are the requirements for ultrasonic welding mold making:

1. The product requirements: Determine the mold life, wear rate, and therefore decide which metal to use.

2. The shape of the product: What kind of welding process is used to set the size of the mold, the pressure transmission area, the deformation that the product may produce during fusion, and how much power and what functions are required. Whether it can be welded once to complete the work.

3. The plastic nature of the product: Determine the working amplitude of the mold, that work should receive the ultrasonic energy, the form of energy line, location, size. How do you design contact points when combining different plastics?

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