60Khz Ultrasonic Smart Card Welding Machine

Description: During the past half year, with many effort from the research development section of our company, at present we have successfully promote the intelligent card welding equipment substantially. After promotion, comparison with the former one, the properties of the equipment has been...


Ultrasonic wire embedding with high frequency ultrasound waves, through the conduction welding horn and the proper pressure, moment to metal parts (such as nuts, screw) into reserved plastic hole, and fixed on the setting depth.After completion, the tensile and torsion forces can be comparable to the strength of traditional molding in the mold, and the defects of damaged injection and slow injection can be avoided.


Components and Parts

Ultrasonic digital generator



Embedding / welding horn

Protective Sleeve (Nylon and Aluminum optional)

HF Cable

Power cord

provide a range of flexible and efficient machine solutions for processing RFID inlays used in the secure eID (ePassports, eID cards, eHealth cards) & ePayment sectors as well as the contactless card markets.

Main advantages:
1. Steady welding point, completely eradicate insufficient solder technically.
2. The size of welding spots is the same, equality line, good effect on uniformity.
3. The welding spot is small, wouldn’t increase the weight of the coil, easy to do lamination and encapsulation.
4. To leave out the immersion tin step before doing welding, save an operator.
5. After skilled in welding, much faster than the way to use searing iron to do weld.
6. On the process on manufacturer, there is no waste gas, waste rubbish on pollution, runs in quiet and no noise.
7. To select the frequency 60KHz, one machine could drive 5-10 ultrasonic products, the speed to do welding is much faster.
8. Low power consumption, to save production cost for manufacturer enterprise.

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