Ultrasonic Riveting Welding for Auto Interior Trim

Specifications: Two Types of Horn: Gun type: in accordance with the shape design of human body engineering, ultrasonic start switch is located on the trigger, easy to grasp and use the welding operation, especially suitable for horizontal or vertical. Cylinder type: for the appearance of design...

Ultrasonic Riveting Welding for Auto Interior Trim

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Altrasonic is a global provider of plastic welding equipment designed to provide professionals in the automotive industry robust, effective and controllable welding equipment and solutions. 



Ultrasound is commonly used in plastic processing at frequencies of 20KHZ and 15K hot melt machine HZ, where 20KHZ is still outside human hearing and is therefore called ultrasonic, but 15KHZ is still within the human hearing range. Ultrasonic plastic plastic processing is the use of high-frequency friction between the working surface to generate heat between the molecules, when the heat is enough to melt the work, stop the ultrasonic vibration, at this time the workpiece surface by melting and curing, complete the processing program .


Door Trim Panels:

Ultrasonic heat staking is the industry standard for interior auto door trim panels. The use of spot welder can also save money in material and mold costs. Sound deadeners and other automotive components like EA bolsters can also be attached using ultrasonics.





1. Customer's site installation, training & maintenance available
2. 12-24 hours Online service by Email, Video Online for basic setup and repairs
3. 12 months warranty for machine, life-long tech. support
4. Providing assistance in manufacturing and modifying tools;
5. Our engineering instruction will guarantee your productive manufacturing of top-quality products.

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