Ultrasonic Automobile Tail Spoiler Welding

Ultrasonic Automobile Tail Spoiler Welding

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Ultrasonic Automobile Tail Spoiler Welding

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The automobile spoiler welding machine is also called the automobile tail dam welding machine. The ultrasonic welding and welding method is used to directly weld the two ABS injection parts without any medium, achieving the purpose of being beautiful, efficient and firm. There is no damage, cracks and deformation on the welding surface and the back surface. If the output is not large, it can be welded by hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, which is more convenient and quicker. For a large number of operations, an ultrasonic multi-head welding machine can be used.




1. Slide-type car spoiler multi-head ultrasonic puncture welding machine, one-shot molding, welding fast and stable.

2.If the output is not large or cost-saving, hand-held ultrasonic welding can be used for welding, and do a good job in the bottom diaphragm of the car spoiler.

3. No damage, cracks, no deformation, and high strength on the welded surface and back surface.



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