High Quality And Safety ​Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Medical Parts

High Quality And Safety ​Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Medical Parts

Description: Ultrasonic welding equipment can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of the parts being welded. The parts are sandwiched between a fixed shaped nest (anvil) and a sonotrode (horn) connected to a transducer, and a ~20 kHz low-amplitude acoustic vibration is emitted....

High Quality and Safety Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Medical Parts

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of medical accessories and the safety of use are also gradually improved, the original process of using glue for bonding is quickly replaced by ultrasonic technology.The task we received this time was to weld a small piece of filter paper to the inside of medical accessories, which was extremely difficult, because once the end face of ultrasonic tool head was not designed well, it would affect the welding effect, and may lead to overwelding or virtual welding.Through the dedicated analysis and research of our Altrasonic technicians, we have provided the ultrasonic solution to our clients perfectly, and get customer's high praise.

The above picture briefly shows the ultrasonic process.


Model: HSPT35

Type: Cylinder

Frequency: 35K

Power: 100-500W

Generator:  auto-tuning digital generator

Horn diameter: 1-10mm

Horn Material: Titanium

Horn pattern: can be customized


1. Fast welding speed, usually can be completed within 1 seconds.

2. High welding strength, good sealing performance, can maintain the material strength.

3. Effective energy saving, healthy environmental protection.

4. Precise and safety welding, 


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