35K 1200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welder For Nonwoven

35K 1200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welder For Nonwoven

​The ultrasonic plastic welding machine vibrates the friction heat by vertically vibrating the surface, and finally reaches the plastic fusion. In this process, pay attention to the pressure and cooling, then remove the welding head.

35K 1200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welder for Nonwoven



Ultrasonic welding generates heat to join parts and produces a clean weld area with uniform joint quality. High-frequency vibrations are applied to two parts or layers of material by a vibrating horn or sonotrode tool. The technique is fast, efficient, non-contaminating and requires no consumables. It’s the perfect welding technology for assembling automotive parts on a wide range of quality vehicles, crafting lifesaving medical devices and sealing modern food packaging.


Item: HS-W35B

Frequency: 35K

Power: 1200W

Voltage: 110VAC or 220~240VAC

Range of Welding Time: 0.05-10/sec

Generator: Digital generator

Environment Temperature: 5~50℃

Pneumatic Requirement: Clean ,dry air at 100pis

Working Mode:  Time / Energy

Competitive Advantage:


1. Fast welding speed, usually can be completed within 1 seconds.

2. High welding strength, good sealing performance, can maintain and material strength.

3. Effective energy saving, healthy environmental protection.



Transmitted ultrasonic energy through welding parts to welding area, local high temperature will happen due to high acoustic resistance between two welding interface places. 

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