35K 500W Ultrasonic Spot Welder Latest Type

35K 500W Ultrasonic Spot Welder Latest Type

Specifications: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasonic in Auto Industry. Advantages: 1. Application in riveting, forming and welding 2. Light weight, easy to take, easy to operate (handheld) 3. Equipped with welding timer 4. Easty to set time welding 5. Equipped with an overload protection...

35K 500W Ultrasonic Spot Welder Latest Type


Altrasonic has R & D and production of new ultrasonic welding equipment, not only occupy a huge advantage in quality, and the price is affordable, always take the customer as the center, and constantly improve the quality of products and services, is committed to all kinds of industries to provide effective scheme of welding. 

35Khz Ultrasonic digital generator  (6)35Khz Ultrasonic digital generator  (11)35Khz Ultrasonic digital generator  (9)


Model: PW61B-HB

Frequency: 35K

Power: 500W

Welding head: less than 10mm

Weight of welder: 0.5KG

Generator: Digital

Main characteristics :

1. The product design is exquisite, reasonable structure, convenient hand-held operation.
2. The digital power supply and installation of professional cooling system, enhance the stability of
3. Can be used for thermoplastic plastic welding, riveting and metal parts and plastic parts of the
mosaic and pressing process. It can completely replace the process of organic melting agent paste.
Has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution,

welding firm, convenient operation etc.. 


One year free warranty.


What are the main shell materials of welding gun?What is the diameter range of tool head for welding gun?

The welding gun is usually metal shell, multi color for your options. Tool heads can be 5mm to 10mm in diameter

What are the advantages of the metal shell?

1. Aluminum metal precision casting shell, high strength, good heat dissipation performance, greatly extend the service life of the product.

2. High-tech surface treatment, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, no rust.

3. Add professional cooling system, greatly improving product stability.

4. The professional isolation technology makes the equipment lighter and the welding more accurate.



CE Certification:





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