Ultrasonic Machining With Various Hole Cut Shapes

Ultrasonic Machining With Various Hole Cut Shapes

New Process 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining Description: The transducer vibrates the sonotrode at low amplitudes and high frequencies. The sonotrode is usually made of low carbon steel. A constant stream of abrasive slurry flows between the sonotrode and work piece. This flow of slurry allows...

Ultrasonic Machining with Various hole cut shapes

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Technical Parameters:


Principle :

Rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM) is a mechanical type of nontraditional hybrid machining process that has been utilized potentially to machine a wide range of latest and difficult-to-machine materials, including ductile, hard and brittle, ceramics, composites, etc


Machining in demanding high-tech materials like e.g.quartz glass,float glass,optical glasses,ceramic material,boron carbide,carbon,dental ceramic,silicon,silicon carbides,titanium / steels,ferrite,etc

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Q:Is there exist booster on the transducer?What is used for ?

A:Yes, there is a booster, the booster us used for enlarge the amplitude,usually if the amplitude of transducer is about 4~8um, the amplitude of booster will above 10um.

Q:What is the main advantages of ultrasonic machining?

A:1. The cutting surface has a low roughness and can approach the theoretical roughness value up to Ra0.2.

2. The “rigidity” of the machined part, ie, the increase in rigidity of the work piece compared to ordinary cutting.

3. The process is stable and can effectively eliminate chatter.

4. The cooling and lubrication of the cutting fluid increase. 

Q:I want to order a certain product but i cant find it in the catalogue.

A:We can customize individual program depending different requirements for different customers. Also processing with supplied samples

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