Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Machine 40khz

New Process 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining Description: The transducer vibrates the sonotrode at low amplitudes and high frequencies. The sonotrode is usually made of low carbon steel. A constant stream of abrasive slurry flows between the sonotrode and work piece. This flow of slurry allows...

ultrasonic assisted drilling machine 40khz

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Ultrasonic Drilling Machine 40Khz 1000W:

Amplitude adjust20-100%
Switch handle or foot switch
Working time control24 hours



Ultrasonic milling has proven to be an effective technique for improving titanium, aluminum and stainless steel workability. Under the action of ultrasonic milling, it has more advantage than the traditional milling. In contrast to the effect of ultrasonic machining aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium four metallic materials.

Improved surface quality of the most prominent is the titanium and aluminum, can improve the cutting ability of the most prominent is the stainless steel, the quality of the workpiece side is the most significant improvement in steel. However, on the basis of traditional tools added to ultrasound, can greatly reduce the cutting of cutting resistance and improve cutting surface quality, but also increase the service life of the tool at least doubled.



  • Applying in elaborate processing for various kinds of materials especially fragile rigid material.

  • The milling process by using rotate milling cutter is suit for processing plane, groove, all kinds of form surface (such as spline, gear and thread) and special surface of mould.

  • Application area: machining industry, machine tool equipment manufacturing

  • Application occasion: manufacturing enterprise, universities and colleges, scientific research institution, mechanical equipment transformation industry

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1. The cutting force is small, about 1/3-1/10 of the cutting force of ordinary tools.

2. High processing accuracy depends mainly on the accuracy of the machine tool used, and the tolerance of the machined workpiece can be approached to the machine-related accuracy.

3. The cutting temperature is low and the workpiece is kept at room temperature.

4. No built-up edge, small workpiece deformation, no burrs. 









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