Multi-head Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Soundproof Cotton

Multi-head Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Soundproof Cotton

Description: When the hand-held ultrasonic welding machine is not satisfied with the production of soundproof cotton, it can be welded with multi-head ultrasonic welding machine, the welding efficiency and quality can be improved, and the cost will be relatively high.
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 Multi-head Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Soundproof Cotton


Car soundproof cotton, sound-absorbing cotton is in a lot of applications in the car, and now are basically ultrasonic welding technology, in the beginning is to use a handheld ultrasonic welding, it will choose ultrasonic multi-head welding machine or robot ultrasonic welding machine when the output is large. 

Ultrasonic mold amplitude parameters:

The amplitude is a key parameter for the materials that need to be welded, which is equivalent to the temperature of the ferrochromium. If the temperature is not reached, the fusion will not occur. If the temperature is too high, the raw material will burn or the structure will be damaged and the strength will be deteriorated. Because each company chooses different ultrasonic transducers, the output amplitude of the ultrasonic transducer is different. After adapting different ratios of the ultrasonic horn and ultrasonic horn, it can correct the working amplitude of the ultrasonic die welding head. To meet the requirements, usually the output amplitude of the ultrasonic transducer is 10-20 μm, and the working amplitude is generally about 30 μm. The ratio of the ultrasonic horn and the ultrasonic horn is the same as that of the ultrasonic horn and the ultrasonic horn. Compared with other factors, shapes such as exponential amplitude, functional amplitude, and stepwise amplitude have a great influence on the ratio. The area ratio before and after is proportional to the total ratio.

Maintenance of Ultrasonic Device

1. Keep the welding head, bottom die and work of ultrasonic welding machine clean.

2. Regularly check whether the wire connector is loose.

3. The air filter shall be cleaned regularly with detergent or water, and the volatile flux shall not be used.

4. The machine shall be cleaned regularly, but no liquid shall be used for cleaning, and no pressure or fluid shall be placed on the top of the vibration box.

5. Keep the air unimpeded in the workplace and keep the ambient temperature not too high.(under 40 degrees)





How about the installation and trainning?
1.Most machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to be a complete machine; You can start the operation with connect power and air compresor.
2.For other cases, videos and manul book will be sent for the installation.
3.Parameters will be set up before delivery. Customer will do little adjustment.
4.Overseas service is available

How do we pack the machine?
1.The machine will be packed with strong plywood case(export standard, no need additional fumigation)
2.Fragile parts will be seperately packed with cushion packing material