40khz High Speed Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Machine

40khz High Speed Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Machine

New Process 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining Description: The transducer vibrates the sonotrode at low amplitudes and high frequencies. The sonotrode is usually made of low carbon steel. A constant stream of abrasive slurry flows between the sonotrode and work piece. This flow of slurry allows...

40khz high speed ultrasonic assisted drilling machine

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Technical Parameters:


Introduction :

Ultrasonic assisted drilling is a hybrid machining process combining the material removal mechanisms of conventional ultrasonic machining and diamond grinding, which has been shown to be a promising, cost-effective machining method for hard, brittle materials. 


 The ULTRASONIC technology from ALTRASONIC enables the economical machining of complex workpiece geometries in demanding high-tech materials like e. g. ceramics, glass, corundum, tungsten carbide or even composites. 

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1. The cutting force is small, about 1/3-1/10 of the cutting force of ordinary tools.

2. High processing accuracy depends mainly on the accuracy of the machine tool used, and the tolerance of the machined workpiece can be approached to the machine-related accuracy.

3. The cutting temperature is low and the workpiece is kept at room temperature.

4. No built-up edge, small workpiece deformation, no burrs. 







Q:What is the amplitude on the horn when working?

A: The amplitude of the horn amplification to 0.01 ~ 0.15mm, and then passed to the tool, and drive the tool for ultrasonic vibration, forcing the suspension in the abrasive under ultrasonic vibration of the tool head to continue polishing at a great speed.

Q:I want to order a certain product but i cant find it in the catalogue.

A:We can customize individual program depending different requirements for different customers. Also processing with supplied samples

Q:What is the main factor on the ultrasonic processing?

A:The continuous impact of the abrasive is the main factor. During processing, a mixture of liquid and abrasive suspension is added between the tool head and the workpiece, and a little pressure is added in the vibration direction of the tool head




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