Ultrasonic Food Cutter Titanium Blade

Description: Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife producing a nearly frictionless surface which does not deform food products and to which they do not stick. The surface cleanly cuts or slits products including fillers such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels...

Ultrasonic Food Cutter Titanium Blade 

Quick, safe, sanitary, reliable and cost-effective solution for food process!

20khz 305mm ultrasonic food cutter  (23).jpg20khz 305mm ultrasonic food cutter  (2).jpg







AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Controller

stepping or continuous

Length of the blade


Material Of Cutting Head

stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel.

Machine Wight



foot switch, additional blade

Cooling Device

compressed air mouth can be installed.

Cable Length

3M or customized

Foot Switch


Compared to conventional cutters:


• Cleaner cuts without mess or crushing

• Compatible with soft,sticky and crumbly foods

• Safe cuts with less down time

• Food grade titanium blade with Self-cleaning function, more sanitary

• Zero crumbling and less product loss

• Better cost-effectiveness

• High throughput

• More consistency at cutting surface

• Blades stay sharp long

• Extremely consistent and reliable performance, virtually maintenance-free.

• Flexible and adaptable equipment with fast set-up and OEM- capable system integration


Candy and confectionery

Soft and hard cheeses

Fresh/frozen vegetables

Fresh/frozen prepared meats

Dough or baked cookies

Snack food or health bars......


1. What is ultrasonic food processing?

Dukane Ultrasonics food processing uses high-frequency sound vibrations to process food products faster and eliminate most of the downtime caused by the continual cleaning of conventional cutting blades. Ultrasonic food cutting and processing equipment provides a new way to cut, slice, divert, align or transfer a variety of food products that streamlines production, minimizes product waste and lowers maintenance costs.

2. How does ultrasonic food processing and cutting work?

Ultrasonic knives vibrating up and down 20,000 times per second slice the product as it comes out of an oven or down a conveyor, or slit the product into bar-shaped portions.

This high-frequency vibration creates a nearly friction-free surface between the tool (e.g., knife, diverter fence or transfer bar) and the product, so problems with sticking and pinching simply disappear. With the greatly reduced friction, there is virtually no knife abrasion. Tools stay sharper longer, reducing annual maintenance costs.

3. What can ultrasonic food processing do for me?

Users have increased productivity using ultrasonic food processing by minimizing the production time that was previously lost cleaning the machinery. Others have discovered they can totally eliminate procedures necessary with conventional cutting, such as pre-cooling or heating the product before the cutting operations, or realigning the product after cutting prior to the packaging operation.

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