Ultrasonic Assisted Machining Series For Customized Horn

Ultrasonic assisted processing drilling machine by ultrasonic energy into mechanical vibration, vibration head in the powder and water with repeated vibration, making the processing part wear through, hit a suitable hole.

Ultrasonic Drilling Machining Series For Customized Horn


Ultrasonic assisted machining system belong to the category of composite processing, make the tool, gently with a small force on the parts produced by transducer ultrasonic frequency of longitudinal vibration, and with the aid of the amplitude amplification, the amplitude drive tool face for ultrasonic vibration, force working liquid in the suspended particle collision with great speed and acceleration, polishing grinding surface processed.


1. Compared with traditional machining, ultrasonic machining can reduce tool resistance, promote chip removal rate and improve tool strength, which can process more brittle and rigid materials, and greatly improve the roughness of hole wall and plane after processing.

2. The driving power of ultrasonic adopts solid-state all-crystal type, with full-automatic frequency tracking function, wide frequency modulation range, convenient adjustment, high reliability, with over current, over heat, detuning alarm, digital frequency display.


1. Q: What's the difference between milling and cutting?

A: Milling is the head move, the workpiece does not move; Cutting is the work piece moving, the head does not move.


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