Ultrasonic Drilling Machining System For HSK A63 Handle

Ultrasonic assisted processing drilling machine by ultrasonic energy into mechanical vibration, vibration head in the powder and water with repeated vibration, making the processing part wear through, hit a suitable hole.

Ultrasonic Drilling Machining System for HSK A63 Handle



Ultrasonic assisted processing machine consists of ultrasonic transition generator and processing head(including transducer, amplitude transformer, etc.). Signals from the ultrasonic transit generator are fed into a transducer composed of piezoelectric ceramics to convert ultrasonic electrical energy into mechanical vibtration energy.


Product Mode

HSK A63 tool holder






10um or more


3000r/min(more than 3000r/min need do dynamic balance)

Matching tool

carbide drilling head Ф2/Ф3/Ф4/Ф5/Ф6mm


  1. Can process high hardness and brittle materials, such as hard alloy, quenching steel, diamond, quartz, tungsten, silicon, optical glass, etc;

  2. Suitable for machining parts with deep holes, thin wall parts, slender rods, low stiffness and complex shapes that require higher requirements;

  3. It is suitable for precision machining of precision parts with high precisiong and low surface roughness, etc. The size accuracy can reach 0.005-00-.03mm, the surface roughness Ra value is 0.05-0.8, and there is no residual stress or burn on the processed surface.

ultrasonic assisted machining system BT50 or BT40 spindle type (2)

ultrasonic assisted machining system BT50 or BT40 spindle type (9)


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