Ultrasonic Cutting For Automative Headliners

Ultrasonic Cutting For Automative Headliners

Description: Ultrasonic Cutting Machine is a class of device using ultrasonic energy for cutting. Instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has its advantages of smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc. It can...

Ultrasonic Cutting for Automative Headliners 

30K 切割刀20

30k ultrasonic cutting machine (1)30k ultrasonic cutting machine (2)


Ultrasonic Cutters can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily.

A sharp cutting edge, which is difficult for water-jet or laser cutting, can be easily performed by our ultrasonic cutters. It leads to higher productivity and less downtime.




1. Plastic and thermoplastic doors.

2. For PVC, rubber, leather, plastics, cardboard, polypropylene, etc.

3. Cutting in the auto industry


Cut fast, accurate, smooth edge of materials, easy to operate and carry


1: How can I ensure your ultrasonic cutter sharp enough for my application?

The sharpness of Ultrasonic Cutters differs according to various combinations of oscillator, transducer, and blade. Because of abundant experience, our company prepares combinations suitable for various materials. Since we can select the model most suitable for your cutting work, we ask that you confirm the sharpness of the selected model by test cutting first.

2. Can it be installed on my present lines?

Yes, ultrasonic cutting and processing equipment can be installed easily. Altrasonic equipment can be as simple as removing the conventional knife and replacing it with a plate to which the ultrasonic knives are attached. Another option is replacing the existing cutting/slitting station with a gantry system that straddles the conveyor you now have.

3. What is the maximum thickness of materials that can be cut?In general, the maximum thickness of materials is approximately 20 mm (the maximum blade length is 25 mm). However, it depends on the material. Please try a test cutting of your material. 


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