Interior Auto Door Trim Panels Ultrasonic Riveting Welding

Interior Auto Door Trim Panels Ultrasonic Riveting Welding

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Interior Auto Door Trim Panels Ultrasonic Riveting Welding

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Door Trim Panels

Ultrasonic heat staking is the industry standard for interior auto door trim panels. The use of spot welding can also save money in material and mold costs. Sound deadeners and other automotive components like EA bolsters can also be attached using ultrasonics.

Portable Ultrasonic Auto Door Spot Welding Principle:

When the ultrasonic role in the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, it will generate tens of thousands of times per second, high frequency vibration, this high-frequency vibration, ultrasonic energy through the ultrasonic wave transmitted to the mold to ultrasonic welding material surface, it will produce high-temperature materials. Plastic contact surface resulting in rapid melting, coupled with stress, it blend and coagulation, so that to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic welding.

ALTRASONIC will find the best solution for your thermoplastic welding needs.


Competitive Advantage:

1. Rapid sonotrode exchange

2. High quality, heavy duty aluminum housing

3. High frequency and control cable to the ultrasound generator are in a strong and highly flexible braided plastic sheet

4. Timer-controlled air cooling as an option

5. Mobile – can be transported by handle on the generator case




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