28Khz Ultrasonic Cylinder Welding Machine

28Khz Ultrasonic Cylinder Welding Machine

35Khz Ultrasonic Multiheads Puncture Welding Automotive plastic parts are mostly welded in non-standard ultrasonic welding equipment, long multi-station design, with PCL program control and LCD operation, large automotive complex workpiece welding, including different directions of the welding...

28Khz Ultrasonic Cylinder Welding Machine

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Altrasonic is a factory engaging on research and development of ultrasonic automation application in automotive plastic parts production all the time and experiences in the business of industrial ultrasonic components and ultrasonic devices in China. We have many models of ultrasonic spot welder  and other ultrasonic components (transducer and horn) for automation of automotive parts production, and we could customize the parts according to your requirement.


Ultrasound is commonly used in the automotive industry, medical industry, non-woven industry, electronics industry, home appliance industry, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry, etc.

1. Automotive industry: plastic parts for automobile body, automobile doors, automotive instruments, car mirrors, sun visors, interior parts, filters, reflective materials, reflective spikes, bumpers, cables, and plastic filters for motorcycles Device, radiator, brake fluid tank, oil cup, water tank, fuel tank, air duct, exhaust gas purifier, tray filter plate;

2. Plastic Electronics: Prepaid Water Meters, Communication Equipment, Cordless Telephones, Mobile Phone Accessories, Mobile Phone Cases, Battery Enclosures, Chargers, VRLA Battery, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, Bluetooth;

3. Toys stationery: folders, photo albums, folding boxes, PP hollow boards, pen holders, ink cartridges, cartridges;

4. Medical daily use: watches, kitchen utensils, oral liquid bottle caps, drip caps, mobile phone accessories, gold brush, daily necessities;

5. Hygenic products: children's products, air mattresses, hangers, knife handles, garden supplies, kitchen utensils, showers, gold brush, shower heads, security caps, cosmetic caps, coffee pots, washing machines, air dehumidifiers , electric irons, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, speaker metal cover and earthen grille.





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General FAQs

Q:I want to order a certain product but i cant find it in the catalogue.

A:We can customize individual program depending different requirements for different customers. Also processing with supplied samples

Q:When can we get the reply ?

A:Any inquires will be replied with 24hours.Our sales team will try our best to support you,and welcome to call us if you have any question or immediate support 

Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to heath?

A:No, ultrasonic frequencies between 20 and 35 kHz are not harmful to humans. Sometimes unpleasant whistling side noises will occur. Therefore machines in the lower frequency range often have sound insulation

ALTRASONIC Teamwork: Defeated, keep on fighting.

We are all lonely individuals, but one day, we met together. We learn together, work together, grow together. Our mutual heating, continue meeting difficulties, and continue overcome difficulties. We firmly believe that "a person can go very fast, but a group of people can go further."


ALTRASONIC is like a family, everyone is an important part of the company


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