30kHz Ultrasonic Cutting Machine Hand-held Or Rack-mounted For Multiple Application

The ultrasonic plastic cutting knife is directly loaded into the ultrasonic energy on the cutter, the cutter will become a knife with ultrasonic cutting. In cutting materials, the materials are mainly softened and melted by ultrasonic energy. The cutting edge of the cutter plays the role of slit positioning, ultrasonic energy output, and separation of materials.

30kHz Ultrasonic Cutting Machine Hand-held or Rack-mounted for Multiple Application


30khz ultrasonic cutting machine (20)

30khz ultrasonic cutting machine (14)


Ultrasonic Cutters are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. Ultrasonic Cutters are small enough to be hand-held for many operations.

Ultrasonic Cutters can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily. 

Main parts and its function:



Transfer the 50-60Hz city electricity to high-power’s high-frequency (15KHz-100KHz) power

supply, and then provide to the transducer.


Transfer high-frequency electricity energy to machine vibration energy.


Connect transducer and horn, enlarge the transducer swing and carry the energy to the horn.


Send the machine energy and pressure to the working piece.

Technical parameter:





Output Power



Digital generator, 155 x 265 x 170mm



Size of cutter

Blade replaceable

Length of cable


Outer skin





220V / 110V


Foot switch1pc;
Cut blade 25pcs;
1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;
Screw M3×4L 2pcs

Material of cutter

Magnalium alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel



1. Compatible with most thermoplastics, can be used for many different types of materials

2. Creates finely finished and structured objects

3. Emits less heat compared to other industrial cutting methods

4. Small footprint, easy to install, easy to operate and carry, suitable for automated assembly line

5. Cost-effectiveness and increased consistency at the cutting surface

6. Clean, precise cuts and edges

7. Energy efficient and low maintenance and easy to clean

8. Clean and Eco-Friendly cutting,do not emit noise, smoke and cause air contamination.

9. Compact equipment with a wide range of application




Thermo-plastics: plate, sheet, film and laminated material

Carbon fibers, natural fibers or Synthetic fibers

Composite material: polyethylene fibe, molded articles containing carbon or glass fibers

Rubber: vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting material, and tube

Repair of printed circuit board copper foil

ABS、PP、PE ..... other organic plastic sheet less than 5mm

Automotive carpets and ceilings




1. What is the blade life?

The blade life differs according to material, shape of the work-piece, and processing method. The blade should be changed once every few months when cutting materials with small wear rates, such as rubber. The blade should be changed once every few days when cutting materials with large wear rates, such as materials containing glass fiber.

2. What’s the difference between Ultrasonic cutting and the traditional cutting?

The traditional cutting is the use of cutting tools with sharp edge press to cutting material, this pressure is large and concentrated in the edge. When the material being cut, its molecular combination was cut off, so it is easy cause crumbs and broken edges.

However, ultrasonic cutting is the use of wave energy, will be cutting the material of the local heating and melting, so as to achieve the purpose of catting materials.


3. What is required for running and maintenance?                                        

Blades, blade holders, and square-headed screws are expendables. The blade should be changed when it is broken or worn. We recommend changing the blade holder once every three months−two years, depending on usage. The blade attachment screw should be changed when the blade is changed, or at least once a month. For maintenance, the slit part of the blade holder should be cleaned when the blade in changed, and the oscillator filter should be cleaned once a month.

4. Is continuous use possible?

When general ultrasound processing tools are continuously used for a long period of time, heat accumulates in the transducer and the jointing section of the blade and results in malfunction. Altrasonic’s transducer can be continuously used for a long period of time by supplying air for cooling.

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