Ultrasonic Food Cutting System 20kHz 800watt

Ultrasonic food cutting equipment consists of ultrasonic transducer, outer casing, horn, titanium alloy knife and CNC drive power. Ultrasonic food cutting machines are an innovation in food processing.

Ultrasonic Food Cutting System 20kHz 800watt

Description :

Ultrasonic food cutter equipment can be widely used in bakery products such as sliced cream multi-layer cake, sandwich mousse cake, jujube cake, steamed sandwich cake, Napoleon, Swiss roll, brownie, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwich sandwich.

Our ultrasonic cutters for the food industry guarantee clean and precise slicing. All of this without affecting the homogeneity of the food product in any way whether it may be soft or containing fats, sugars, honey, creams and or chocolate, as it is common with desserts and confectionery.

Specification : 

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 800watt

Voltage: 110V/220V

Material of blade: Titanium alloy

Length of blade: 125mm , 255mm , 305mm

Machine weight: 15-18 kgs

Applications :

· Cheese;

· Energy bars;

· Chocolate;

· Nougat;

· Cheesecakes;

· Cake rolls;

· Sponge cakes;

· Halva;

· Turkish delight;

· Pizzas;

· Bread;

· Baklava;

· Finger sandwiches;

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