Customization Food Cutting With Smooth Edge For Bakery And Snack Foods

Ultrasonic food cutting equipment consists of ultrasonic transducer, outer casing, horn, titanium alloy knife and CNC drive power. Ultrasonic food cutting machines are an innovation in food processing.

Customization Food Cutting with Smooth Edge for Bakery and Snack Foods

Description :

Bakery products containing cream or sugary layers, as well as other dough or fat-containing foods, can be cut or trimmed in a controlled way by ultrasound to produce a quality that is visually appealing. The cutting geometries of the tools for longitudinal or cross cuts are individually tailored to product requirements.

As a result of ultrasonic vibrations, only slight product residues remain adhered to the sonotrode, so that to a certain extent, it demonstrates a self-cleaning action.

Because of the ultrasonic vibrations, cutting sonotrodes work with a lower initial pressure than conventional cutters. At the same time, sonotrode wear is less and the cutting quality is considerably better. In addition, the use of ultrasonic cutting systems has a positive effect on the maintenance and down times of the equipment.

Specification : 

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 800watt

Voltage: 110V/220V

Material of blade: Titanium alloy

Length of blade: 125mm , 255mm , 305mm

Machine weight: 15-18 kgs

Features :

Stackable, ultrasonic power supplies and panel mount generator kits for NEMA enclosure, integration and sequencing

Rigid mount ultrasonic boosters for improved stack stability

Wash-down duty, air cooled converters (stainless steel body also available)

Food industry approved titanium blade, slitting and knife horns

FEA analyzed horn designs for long life and amplitude accuracy

Advantages :

1. Non-stick 20 kHz knife

2. Perfectly clean cutting surfaces;

3. Compact ultrasonics equipment;

4. Modular machines;

5. Large range of products that can be cut without changing blade;

6. No diameter, weight or and thickness limits;

7. Easy washing and maintenance;

8. Max blade width: about 305 mm;

20khz 500watt ultrasonic food cutting machine, cake cutting machine (15)

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