35Khz Handheld Ultrasonic Gun Riveting

Specifications: Gun type : in accordance with the shape design of human body engineering, ultrasonic start switch is located on the trigger, easy to grasp and use the welding operation, especially suitable for horizontal or vertical. Cylinder type: for the appearance of design straight,...

35Khz Handheld Ultrasonic Gun Riveting

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At present, there are two kinds of generators which are widely used in our country. One is the bridge type power amplifier circuit, which is used by Branson Company of the United States. The protection circuit adopts phase protection, and the working frequency is generally 20kHz. It has the advantages of high efficiency of electric conversion, its disadvantages are the narrow range of frequency regulating inductors and the poor performance of frequency tracking; another disadvantage is that the power can not be done very large, that is, the maximum power is 3KW left vibration friction welding machine right; the other is a Taiwan-type machine. Class B power amplifier, overcurrent protection, bridge feedback is widely used. The advantage is that the power can be larger (E. g. 4.2KWN, good frequency tracking performance, Under the condition of high power, the working frequency of 15 kHz is generally adopted. The disadvantage is that the working frequency of 15kHz is lower than that of the human ear, which reflects the noise. In addition, the machines of frequency automatic tracking in Switzerland, Germany and Japan are also used. Because its price is high, domestic is not common.

Different Applications of Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Ultrasonic welding: ultrasonic vibration with ultrasonic welding mould, the ultrasonic welding energy conduction to the plastic surface, resulting in local temperature, so that the plastic surface melting. Under the pressure of the ultrasonic hand, so to weld plastic, beautiful, strong effect.
Ultrasonic implants: the nut screws or other metal into plastic work piece. Ultrasonic energy through the ultrasound machine will be transmitted to the metal. The high-speed vibration and heat, the pressure in the ultrasound machine to make metal objects embedded directly into the plastic inside.


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