20K Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutter Slicing Machine For Cake And Cheese

Compared to traditional food cutting knives, ultrasonic food cutting machines do not require sharp edges and do not require a lot of pressure, and the food is not damaged.

20K Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutter Slicing Machine For Cake And Cheese




Altrasonic developed ultrasonic cutting system using high frequency wave vibration quickly handle food, eliminates the traditional cutting blade consecutive clean cause of downtime.

The ultrasonic food cutting system provides a new way to cut, slice and automatically redirect a variety of foods to minimize production processes, waste minimization and maintenance costs.

Ultrasonic food slicing equipment USES ultrasonic energy to generate 2,000 high-frequency vibrations per second, creating a nearly frictionless surface between the blade and the food, so there will be no viscosity and extrusion problems.Because friction is greatly reduced, the blade has almost no wear.

It is usually installed on robot arm or automatic production line for precise and efficient cutting. Automatic ultrasonic food cutting equipment is suitable for cake room and food processing workshop. It is easy to operate and suitable for all kinds of baked goods.Automatic control ultrasonic food cutting equipment can be arbitrary cutting, diverse shapes, different thickness.

Main features:

1. Ultrasonic cutting machine adopts high-efficiency ultrasonic generator driving technology and works stably and reliably.

2. It can effectively improve the working efficiency of operators and reduce the working intensity.

3. Cut food, clean surface, no sundries, beautiful


It is suitable for the food products which include different hardness foods such as Cheese, Cake and bread , Pizza ,candy , nuts and dried fruits.


1. Q: What are the taboos in the use of the cutting knife?

A: Can't touch metal. Because the blade is a sharp edge, if it is in contact with the metal frequently, it may cause the blade to break out.

2. Q: What is the effect of using stainless steel as a food cutting knife?

A: Stainless steel cutter heads are prone to collapse and have a short service life.


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