28KHZ Ultrasonic Mask Earloop Spot Welding Machine For Non-woven Medical Mask

The most popular ear strap spot welding machine at present, used for ear strap spot welding of N95 and ordinary masks

28KHZ ultrasonic mask earloop spot welding machine for non-woven medical mask


Air pressure: 3kg / CM2

 Power: 800W 

Frequency: 28K 

Voltage: 220V 

Capacity: 10--12 tablets / min


Mask earband machine: also known as ultrasonic binding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine, etc. This machine is suitable for various non-woven fabrics, nylon, fibers, polyester, PP, PET, PC and other thermoplastic materials Can be.

Mask ear strap machine: application function:

(1) After using ultrasonic heating and steel wheel pressurization, the functions can be used as above.

(2) No smoke or sparks during processing, no damage to the edge of the cloth, and burrs can also be avoided.

(3) The flower wheel is easy to replace, and the flower wheel of various patterns can be replaced according to the needs of customers.

(4) No preheating is required during manufacturing, and continuous operation is possible.

(5) Color paper and gold foil paper can be added, and the function of printing and hot stamping can be achieved when pressurized.

(6) More than one machine can be combined into a special machine, so as to complete products with larger widths, such as quilts, umbrellas, etc.

(7) The flower wheel is made of special alloy steel, the welding head is resistant to erosion and has a long life.

(8) Simple mechanical operation, easy maintenance, using 20KHZ low-noise ultrasonic, anti-noise







Payment allowance:


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