Ultrasonic Transducer Replacement Of Dukane 110-3122 20KHz

This ultrasonic transducer can direct replacement for the Dukane 110-3122 ultrasonic transducer.All the parts are made from certified materials.

Ultrasonic Transducer Replacement Of Dukane 110-3122 20KHz

20Khz Replacement Dukane 110-3122 (11)

20Khz Replacement Dukane 110-3122 (1)

 20Khz Replacement Dukane 110-3122 (9)



The ultrasonic transducer can directly replace for the Dukane 110-3122.All components are made with certifed materials in rigorous production enviroment.Each ultransonic transduter is manufacured on precisely calibrated equipment and properly aged and re-tested to ensure the good product performance.


Joint bolt1/2-20UNF
Ceramic diameter50 mm
Quantity of ceramic4 pc
Frequency20 KHz
Color of the ceramicYellow
Output Power2000 W
Applicationwelding machine

Competitive Advantage:

1.The high quality replacement  can save cost and ensure product performance of the machine.

2.The independent test for each ultrasonic transducer guaranteed product performance stability and excellent.


1.Question: What's the material of this ultransonic transducer?

   Answer:Titanium materials. 

2.Question:Do you provide customization?

   Answer:Yes,we provide customized service.


Tight packing ensures the safety of products.




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