Ultrasonic Welding Components Ultrasonic Transducer With Booster & Welding Horn

Ultrasonic welding machine is assembled by ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic working components. Hereby is the main product of ultrasonic transducer , booster , and welding horn.

Ultrasonic Welding Components Ultrasonic Transducer with Booster & Welding Horn

Descriptions :

Here is an introduction to the working components of the ultrasonic welding system, consisting of an ultrasonic transducer, an horn, and a tool head. Our products are assembled by experienced engineers with good working stability and are suitable for ultrasonic generators of different manufacturers.

Specifications :

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : Max 2000watt

Welding horn : 110*20mm

Material of welding horn : Titanium Alloy , Stainless Steel

Net Weight : 5.5kg

Structures :

ultrasonic transducer 1 piece

ultrasonic booster 1 piece

ultrasonic flange 1 piece

ultrasonic welding horn 1 piece



What can we do for you :

l Warranty one year for transducer.

l You can contact us for technical inquiry any time.

l We supply OEM service for oversea customer, also will keep Confidentiality for our customers.

l We supply customized products service for small quantity also.

l Shipment by FED-EX /DHL

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