Piezo Ceramic Rings 50x20x6mm For Ultrasonic Welding

When voltage is applied to piezoelectric ceramics, mechanical deformation will occur with changes in voltage and frequency. On the other hand, when the piezoelectric ceramic is vibrated, an electric charge is generated. Using this principle, when giving a vibrator composed of two piezoelectric ceramics or a piezoelectric ceramic and a metal sheet

Piezo Ceramic Rings 50x20x6mm For Ultrasonic Welding




Out diameter50mm
Inner diameter20mm



ultrasonic Piezo ceramic


The principle and characteristics of the piezoelectric ceramic sheetThe piezoelectric effect is reversible: if an audio voltage is applied to the piezoelectric ceramic sheet, mechanical vibration can be generated and sound; on the contrary, when the piezoelectric ceramic sheet is subjected to mechanical vibration (or pressure), A certain amount of charge Q is generated on the chip, and a voltage signal can be output from the electrode.




Application :

Piezoelectric ceramic sheets are mainly used in piezoelectric speakers, microphones, ultrasonic delay lines, sensors for measuring vibration and pressure, and transmitters and receivers in telephones to convert mechanical energy (sound energy) into electrical energy, or from electrical energy at low power Transducer components into mechanical energy; it can also be used in ultrasonic cleaning, welding, flaw detection, ultrasonic diagnosis, ultrasonic medical treatment, hydroacoustic emission, ignition, detonation, etc., which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy when used as high-pressure and strong power.

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