​Customized Steel Mold Parts Ultrasonic Welding And Cutting Machine Horn

Customized ultrasonic horns of various frequencies, high quality and long service life

Customized Steel Mold Parts ultrasonic welding and cutting machine horn


The ultrasonic tool head is an important component of the ultrasonic equipment, and its function is to transfer the vibration energy of the ultrasonic to the target. The shape of the ultrasonic tool head is generally cylindrical, cone or cuboid, and its working surface is basically the end face of the top. Considering the actual installation and use, the working surface of this type of tool head is generally not large, so the radiation ability is relatively It is relatively concentrated and can be better applied to the traditional application directions of ultrasonic waves such as ultrasonic welding and cutting. However, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, ultrasound is no longer limited to traditional applications. Its applications in liquids and gases have become more and more extensive, such as emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning, and liquid atomization. And accelerate the application of chemical reactions.



Mold type:Steel mold
Effective working area:110*20mm 
Surface treatment:Anti-rust coating

ultrasonic transdcuer with booster and steel horn (5)

35khz ultrasonic sonotrode, ultrasonic welding horn (7)







Payment allowance:


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