High Frequency 15 Khz Ultrasonic Transducer For N95 Mask

A device that converts electrical energy, mechanical energy, or acoustic energy from one form of energy to another is called a transducer, or active sensor.

High Frequency 15khz Ultrasonic Transducer For N95 Mask



The main unit of ultrasonic welding system consists of ultrasonic transducer, booster, horn steel and generator. We use ceramic chips are mainly imported, Its quality mainly determines the service life of the transducer. For the horn and booster, we use steel material. It can prevent getting hot. 


Model: HS-6015-4Z

Frequency: 15khz

Power: 2600w

Dia of ceramic: 60mm

Qty of ceramic: 4pcs


1. Well-assembled to increase product life

2. High-powered ultrasonic transducer.

3. The aging time is at least one week to ensure the stability of the transducer parameters.

4. Professional masters with 30 years of work experience provide technical support







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