15K 2600W Ultrasonic Transducer With Booster

This 15k 2600w ultrasonic welding transducer with booster is suitable for n95mask making machine

15K 2600W Ultrasonic transducer with booster


Ultrasonic transducers use piezoelectric effect to achieve the conversion between electrical energy and acoustic energy. Ultrasonic transducers are widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machines and high-power industrial cleaning equipment. Altrasonic 15kHz high-power sensor is suitable for ultrasonic welding machines for the production of medical masks, especially for n95 mask machines. Altrasonic researched and added matching welding heads to make the ultrasonic welding system more stable. It is completely suitable for welding multi-layer non-woven masks. In the era of energy saving and environmental protection, the ultrasonic automatic mask welding machine gradually emits gloss.





1. The aluminum, steel and titanium materials of the speaker are optional.

2. After assembly, the transducer is aged before testing and final assembly. The characteristics of piezoelectric materials change with time and pressure, so placing them on a shelf for some time before testing will find unqualified materials.

3. Each product is tested one by one to ensure stable performance of each transducer.


Item No.: HS-6015-4Z

Power: 2600Watt

Frequency: 15kHz

Booster: Titanium alloy or Steel

Quantity of Ceramic: 4pcs

Diameter of Ceramic: 60mm

Connect Screw: M16 X 1

Transport and Packing:



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