20Khz 2000W High Power Ultrasonic Converter

20Khz 2000W High Power Ultrasonic Converter

An ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device whose function is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ie, ultrasonic waves) and then pass it out, while it consumes a small amount of power (less than 10%).

20Khz 2000W high power Ultrasonic Converter


Detailed Product Description

Product Name:

Ultrasonic   Welding Transducer


20 Khz

Ceramic Diameter:

50 Mm


19-21nf,   22.5-25nf


2000 Watt


Welding Machine


12 Um

Ceramic Disc:

6 Pcs

Material Of   Booster:

Titanium,   Aluminum, Steel Materials Optional

Protective   Housing:

Aluminum And   Stainless Steel Optional

Connect Screw:



1.Adopt the imported chips

2.High output power

3.High quality

4.Already export to USA, Europe, Asia ,Middle East etc country

5.15KHz-70KHz,100w-6000w supplied

Ultrasonic welding machine features and advantages


• Optimization of the heat welding defects (yellowing, edge burning and blocking up). •It is suitable for welding the thermal plastic such like: HDPE、PP、PE、ABS、PVC、PC、EVA、PMMA、PS、PP、PBT、PETG, and other plastic, also for fiber cotton, chemical fiber, metal hardware in the aspects of riveting, cutting, sealing, welding, spot welding, embossing, fixed position for files, melt welding  •According to customer needs to replace riveting, welding, embedded, removing process, relative to other traditional process (such as adhesives, hot welding or screw connection), has high production efficiency, good weld quality, environmental protection and energy saving advantages • Portable operation, fast, clean, safe and stable •It can Set the working time, the delay time and holding time according to the customer's demand




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