Ultrasonic Handlely Spot Welding Machine For Auto Interior Parts

Altrasonic ultrasonic welder is developed by professional research and development team. With advanced manufacturing equipments and processes, providing customers with high reliability.

Ultrasonic Handlely Spot Welding Machine For Auto Interior Parts


Ultrasonic plastic welders operate by inducing ultrasonic frequencies in plastic components that are converted into heat between the welded plastic laminates. Frictional heat is produced so that thermoplastic parts melt and an insoluble connection between parts is forged in a very short period of time. The melting points of both working pieces are nearly equivalent which helps to form a uniform weld area. The welded area is usually as strong as the matrix material.

The hand-held ultrasonic welding machine is made according to the principle of ergonomics. The equipment is easy to operate and greatly improves the welding efficiency of the equipment! It is mainly used for the point by point riveting and welding of thermoplastics, especially for the riveting and welding of automobile parts such as bumper, dashboard, door panel, etc. It adopts modular integrated circuit, with strong power output rib, built-in full-automatic protection circuit, safe use and more stable working performance.  




1. Vibrationless performance

2. Low power consumption

3. Table top handheld device

4. Welding Area Minimum 5mm to 350mm

5. Auto & Manual Tuning Generator Box

6. Welding to Thin & Long Product

7. Fast Welding Time 0.1-3 Seconds.

8. Better Quality from other than welding systems.

9. Economic It does not need the screws, glue, and chemical.

10. Low Cost and reduce labor cost.

11. Easy to operate

12. High performance

35khz ultrasonic spot welding machine, welding gun (6)

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