Wireless Frequency Measuring Instrument

This is a test of the instrument's wireless remote frequency, which accurately tests the frequency of the ultrasound device and clearly displays your real-time frequency. Its effective test range is 10K-100K. The test method is very simple and easy to carry.

Wireless Frequency Measuring Instrument


Frequency measuring instrument (4)

Frequency measuring instrument (2)

Frequency measuring instrument (5)

Description :

A frequency meter is an instrument that displays the frequency of a periodic electrical signal. ... Changes in the frequency to be measured cause a change in this balance that can be measured by the deflection of a pointer on a scale. Deflection-type meters are of two types, electrically resonant circuits and ratiometers.


Frequency Range10K-100K
Environment TemperatureNormal
Display3.2 Inch TFT(320*240)
Power SupplyTwo 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Operation StyleFilm Button
Size216*100*34 mm
Weight354 g
Input Power4.2-40 Vpp


Q: What should I pay attention to during the test? 

A: During the test, the hand can't touch, it will affect the capacitance.



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