Spot Welding Ultrasonic 35Khz

Transmitted ultrasonic energy through welding parts to welding area, local high temperature will happen due to high acoustic resistance between two welding interface places with a certain pressure, it makes fusion to one unite. When ultrasonic stop function, and keep the pressure sustain to make its solidification molding, finally forming a strong molecular chain, which achieve the purpose of welding.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine 35khz


Ultrasonic spotwelding is used predominantly when, for instance, flat mouldings without weld preparation (ED) have to be welded (e.g. semi-finished products, thermoformed, blow moulded, extruded and large-surface mouldings).

Composite sonotrodes with interchangeable tips are available as standard spot welding components. Tip shape selection and use is quick and simple, allowing for items with a 3 mm thickness to be soldered this way. The bottom layer can be thicker than the top one. The spot binding process is versatile, fast and easy to use, with a manual handgrip that facilitates maneuverability.

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Model: HS61B-HB

Frequency: 35Khz

Power: 500Watt

Horn: ≤10mm

Weight: 1.0kg

Generator: Digital generator 



1.One key start, simple operation and easy to start with for customers.
2.Imported CPU and drive unit to ensure reliable power supply.
3.Effectively balance the amplitude while frequency is locked based on the frequency and amplitude control using PID.
4.Power outburst mode, save energy comparing to the traditional ultrasonic hand-held welding machine.
5.Welding amplitude adjustable from 60% to 100% by 1% step.
6.Dual-frequency mode, one can easily switch from one frequency converter to another by software configuration, the frequency setting range is ±8K.




CE Certification:





Q:I want to see the performance of my material, can i send you the samples?

A:Yes, you can send us the samples.We will arrange the testing and send you the video of performance.

Q:Can i adjust the frequency on the your equipment?

A:You do not need to adjust the frequency, our digital generator will automatically tracking the frequency.


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