20kHz Ultrasonic Disintegrating Sonochemistry

20kHz Ultrasonic Disintegrating Sonochemistry

Ultrasonic sonochemical equipment consists of two parts: ultrasonic vibration parts and ultrasonic drive power supply: ultrasonic vibration parts mainly include high-power ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic tool head, used to generate ultrasonic vibration Launched in liquid.

20kHz Ultrasonic Disintegrating Sonochemistry


When ultrasonic waves propagate in a liquid medium, through mechanical action, cavitation action and thermal action, a series of effects such as mechanics, heat, optics, electricity and chemistry are produced. High-power ultrasonic waves will produce a strong cavitation effect, thereby forming instantaneous high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and micro jets locally. For chemical extraction, biodiesel production and sonochemical reactions, it creates a local mini-environment that is very conducive to the reaction process, which can greatly increase the reaction speed and reduce the reaction conditions.


Frequency: 20khz

Power: 1000w

Pressure: 220V

Temperature: 150 ℃

Pressure: normal

Sound intensity:> 10W / cm²

Maximum capacity:> 5L / Min

Tool head material: titanium alloy


1. Flexible to use and easy to install

2. Excellent cleaning effect

3. Long service life







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